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int transfer_bits_and_debias ( BitBuffer  from,
BitBuffer  to 

Transfer bits from one buffer to another, debiassing en-route.

Performing a von-neumann debiassing, transfer bits from the from BitBuffer to the to BitBuffer.

This method of debiassing will produce at absolute maximum, a drop of 50% in the bitcount. I.E. at minimum you will lose one bit in two.

In actuality, in a truly random stream, you will lose three bits in four, which means that the debiassing will leave you with around one quarter the number of bits you started with.

fromThe BitBuffer to extract bits from.
toThe BitBuffer to add debiassed bits to.
The number of bits added to to.

Definition at line 9 of file debias.c.

  BitField bits;
  int bits_xfered = 0;
  while (bitbuffer_available_bits(from) >= 2) {
    if (bitbuffer_extract_bits(from, &bits, 2) != 2)
      return bits_xfered;
    if ((bits & 3) == 1 || (bits & 3) == 2) {
      if (bitbuffer_add_bits(to, bits, 1) != 1)
        return bits_xfered;
  return bits_xfered;

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