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int bitbuffer_add_bits ( BitBuffer  buf,
const BitField  bits,
int  count 

Store some bits into a buffer.

Store count of bits out of bits into buf.

This routine works least-significant-bit first so if you are only storing one bit, make sure it's in bit zero of the BitField.

buf The BitBuffer to add to.
bits The BitField to find the bits in.
count The number of bits to add to buf.
The number of bits actually added.

Definition at line 57 of file bitbuffer.c.

  int bits_to_add = MIN(MIN(8, count), bitbuffer_free_space(buf));
  int i;
  for (i = 0; i < bits_to_add; ++i) {
    BitField subfield = buf->bits[BYTE_FOR_BIT(buf->nextfree)];
    if (bits & (1<<SHIFT_FOR_BIT(i)))
      subfield |= (1<<SHIFT_FOR_BIT(buf->nextfree));
      subfield &= ~(1<<SHIFT_FOR_BIT(buf->nextfree));
    buf->bits[BYTE_FOR_BIT(buf->nextfree++)] = subfield;
    if (buf->nextfree == buf->size)
      buf->nextfree = 0;
  buf->bitsused += bits_to_add;
  return bits_to_add;

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